Sosua Hotel, Dominican Republic


Sosua is located in the heart of the beautiful beach area on the North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) of the Dominican Republic, about 20 km east of Puerto Plata, only 5 km from the main airport of the North, Puerto Plata International and 14 km west of Cabarete.

Actually Sosua is divided into two separate villages which are separated by a bay at whose base is a sandy white beach more than half a mile long behind which are located a continuous row of small bars, restaurants and souvenir shops.

In addition to sunbathing, it is the scene of a variety of water sports such as sailing, water-skiing, jet-skiing, and just offshore a short distance there are banks of coral that are excellent for scuba diving.

Not far away to the east is another beach where the conditions are great for surfing (with just a board, without sail). Other beaches close by include Puerto Chiquito, Playa Chiquito and Playita.

To the east of the main beach lies Los Charamicós, formerly a sleepy fishing village but which has in recent years been converted into a business and residential sector for the concentration of Dominicans who have moved into the area to seek work in activities associated with the tourist industry. Most of the buildings in the center are old and are typical of most Dominican villages, with crowded rambling streets and noisy moto-conchos running up and down the streets.

Practically all of the restaurants serve local dishes, and the ambiance is typically Dominican. In a few places excellent fish dishes are served.

It was founded in 1940 when the dictator Trujilo, seeking goodwill from the international community after having ordered the massacre of almost 20,000 Haitians in the country, offered to take in Jewish refugees from Germany who were being persecuted by the Nazis. About 600 of them immigrated, of whom only a small group eventually remained and became engaged in the dairy and smoked-meat industries.



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